SOM cluster: 1261

Cluster Hypersensitivity Profile

Genomic Location Trend

These plots show the distribution of the DHS sites surrounding the Transcript Start Site of the nearest gene.


Number of sites: 605
Promoter: 7%
CpG-Island: 4%
Conserved: 27%

Enriched Motifs & Matches

No motifs found.

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Top 10 Example Regions

LocationGene LinkDist.
chr4: 184718305-184718455STOX255.29
chr16: 66944765-66944915NAE161.63
chr3: 48697505-48697655UQCRC164.34
chr4: 10168525-10168675RP11-480G3.165.35
chr4: 10168525-10168675AC006499.565.35
chr4: 10168525-10168675RNA5SP15565.35
chr11: 118962125-118962275HINFP67.43
chr11: 118962125-118962275CCDC8467.43
chr1: 159262060-159262210MPTX168.47
chr6: 702165-702315EXOC271.5
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