SOM cluster: 1352

Cluster Hypersensitivity Profile

Genomic Location Trend

These plots show the distribution of the DHS sites surrounding the Transcript Start Site of the nearest gene.


Number of sites: 375
Promoter: 0%
CpG-Island: 0%
Conserved: 48%

Enriched Motifs & Matches

No motifs found.

BED file downloads

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Top 10 Example Regions

LocationGene LinkDist.
chr8: 81831180-81831330ZNF70444.67
chr3: 29211100-29211250RBMS3-AS349.94
chr5: 37736200-37736350GDNF57.5
chr4: 17494080-17494230QDPR58.27
chr4: 17494080-17494230snoU1358.27
chr3: 54067940-54068090CACNA2D362.24
chr9: 85943140-85943290FRMD363.92
chr11: 115399080-115399230CADM165.94
chr11: 115399080-115399230RP11-136I14.565.94
chr17: 50312920-50313070CA1068.82
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