SOM cluster: 1467

Cluster Hypersensitivity Profile

Genomic Location Trend

These plots show the distribution of the DHS sites surrounding the Transcript Start Site of the nearest gene.


Number of sites: 201
Promoter: 3%
CpG-Island: 1%
Conserved: 43%

Enriched Motifs & Matches

No motifs found.

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Top 10 Example Regions

LocationGene LinkDist.
chr1: 209700840-209700990CAMK1G45.69
chr11: 14948840-14948990PDE3B55.89
chr19: 49184600-49184750FAM83E58.28
chr8: 67039120-67039270TRIM5565.32
chr13: 26595820-26595970SHISA267.36
chr3: 128523760-128523910RP11-221E20.475.69
chr3: 139810060-139810210CLSTN277.34
chr6: 43801040-43801190VEGFA82.05
chr22: 22429140-22429290IGLVV-6682.43
chr10: 72514000-72514150ADAMTS1487.63
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