SOM cluster: 2141

Cluster Hypersensitivity Profile

Genomic Location Trend

These plots show the distribution of the DHS sites surrounding the Transcript Start Site of the nearest gene.


Number of sites: 219
Promoter: 1%
CpG-Island: 0%
Conserved: 32%

Enriched Motifs & Matches

No motifs found.

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Top 10 Example Regions

LocationGene LinkDist.
chr4: 174173920-174174070GALNT743.04
chr7: 32076280-32076430PDE1C50.84
chr3: 158486740-158486890LXN51.46
chr3: 158486740-158486890RARRES151.46
chr11: 131759340-131759490NTM54.87
chr11: 131759340-131759490RP11-697E14.254.87
chr11: 131759340-131759490AP004372.154.87
chr2: 162879180-162879330DPP460.35
chr16: 4932600-4932750Y_RNA62.17
chr8: 23656440-23656590STC163.38
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