SOM cluster: 2195

Cluster Hypersensitivity Profile

Genomic Location Trend

These plots show the distribution of the DHS sites surrounding the Transcript Start Site of the nearest gene.


Number of sites: 1967
Promoter: 1%
CpG-Island: 0%
Conserved: 16%

Enriched Motifs & Matches

No motifs found.

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Top 10 Example Regions

LocationGene LinkDist.
chr1: 26625360-26625510AIM1L36.09
chr9: 115946920-115947070SLC31A239.86
chr18: 68003720-68003870RPS2P640.79
chr8: 121450320-121450470SNTB146
chr5: 167036040-167036190CTB-78F1.146.17
chr12: 48880160-48880310C12orf5449.66
chr8: 37243440-37243590RP11-150O12.150.03
chr1: 232266680-232266830DISC150.61
chr10: 24746680-24746830KIAA121750.8
chr8: 99968240-99968390STK351.3
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